Evergreen Golf Course offers various tournaments over the course of a season open to all players. Winners will be based on gross and net scores to give everyone a chance to win! Make sure to like our facebook page and sign-up for our email list for all the details.  Below is the Open Tournament schedule subject to change depending on weather and course conditions.  Call the Pro Shop to sign-up for an event.

November 3rd  – Par 3 Challenge

18 hole Individual play with players divided into flights by net score.  All holes will be setup as par threes with different tees on the front and back nine.  

November 17th  –  Civil War Two Pin Challenge Open Results

Two person scramble format.  Two sets of tees and pins will be used.  Beaver fans will play one color while duck fans will play the other.  

December 1st  – Play the Course Backwards Results (Net Scores)

Eighteen hole, two person shamble format. Record your best gross score for each hole.  Play from the yellow tee markers to the side of the green on the prior hole. The tee markers will be next to the green you have just completed. Only happens one time a year!

December 31st  – Great 8 Open Results 

Nine hole, two person bestball (Play your own ball and take the best score on each hole).  Use your best eight scores for the nine holes. Take extra strokes off your score picking winners of New Year Day bowl games.   Play a second nine and try to improve your score.

January 19th  – Lone Ranger Open Results (Net Scores)

18 hole, three person teams.  On each hole, one player in each Threesome is designated the “lone ranger.” That designation rotates throughout the round; for example, Player A has it on the first hole, B on the second, C on the third, then back to A on the fourth and so on.  On each hole, the team score will be the score of the player designated the Lone Ranger added to the two person scramble score of the other two players on the team.

February 2nd  Super Bowl Big Hole Open Results (Net Scores)

Two person teams will play a scramble format.  Two cups will be on each green, one normal and one 8 inch.  Each team will play to the big hole on 9 holes and the small hole on 9 holes.   Decide on the hole as you go but make sure each is used 9 times! Bonus strokes will be taken off you score for super bowl prop bets.

February 16th  – Six Six Six Open

18 hole format with two person teams.  Play bestball on the first six holes, Chapman (Tee off then switch balls for the second shot.  After second shot pick one ball and alternate shots until holed) on second six holes and scramble of final six holes.  

March 2nd   – Mix It Up Scramble

Four person teams play an 18 hole scramble.  After the first drive whoevers shot is used cannot be used on the next shot.  

March 23rd  – March Madness

Two person shamble format.  Strokes will be taken off your score for correctly picking NCAA tournament games.  

April 6th  – Big Hole Open

18 hole individual play with eight inch holes on every hole.   

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Let Evergreen Golf Course host and help plan your tournament. We can accommodate groups from 10 to 90 players and can help customize your tournament to match the needs of your group. Our dining room is available for banquets and awards after play. We offer a variety of options for meals before, after or during your tournament.  We are only a short drive from Salem, Keizer, Woodburn, Wilsonville, and Silverton!


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