These events are open to all players.  Winners will be based on gross and net scores to give everyone a chance to win!  Call the proshop to sign-up.

October 31st  – Pumpkin Challenge

Two person scramble format. There will be pumpkins set up on each hole providing an advantage on that hole. Each team can use the pumpkin as their tee shot up to nine holes during the 18 hole round. Teams must decide to move forward to the pumpkin before either player tees off. Best 18 hole score wins.

November 14th – Play The Course Backwards

2 person shamble format record your best gross score for each hole. Play from the yellow tee markers to the side of the green on the prior hole. The tee markers will be next to the green you have just completed on all holes except when playing to 6 green; the tee markers for 6 green are in the 3rd fairway in front of the 3rd tee.

December 5th – Poker Run

Two person scramble format. Each team gets playing cards based on the number of birdies and pars they make. The team with the best poker hand wins!

January 2nd Nine Hole Two Pin Challenge

Two person best ball format. Each player plays their own ball and can pick either of two pins on each green. Teams record the best score between the two players for each hole. Gross and net winners for the best 9 hole score. Teams can play two or three 9 hole rounds to improve their chances of winning!







January 23rd – Lone Ranger

On each hole, one player in each threesome is designated the “lone ranger.” That designation rotates throughout the round; for example, Player A has it on the first hole, B on the second, C on the third, then back to A on the fourth and so on. In Lone Ranger, there will be two scores combined to make up the final score on each hole. On each hole, the team score will be the score of the player designated the Lone Ranger added to the two person scramble score of the other two players on the team.

February 6th Super Bowl – Big Hole Open

Two person teams will play a scramble format. Two cups will be on each green, one normal and one 8 inch. Each team will play to the big hole on 9 holes and the small hole on 9 holes.   Decide on the hole as you go but make sure each is used 9 times! Bonus strokes will be taken off you score for several super bowl bets.

February 20th – Progressive Tee Open

Two person best ball format. Play your own ball and take the best score on each hole. Four sets of tee boxes will be setup. If you make a par or better you move back a tee box on the next hole. With a bogey you stay on the same tee box for the next hole. Double Bogey or worse and you move forward one tee box on the next hole.

March 5thFormat TBD

Format will be determined later.


March 19th – March Madness

Two person scramble format. Strokes will be taken off your score for correctly picking NCAA tournament games. Handicaps will be used to give everyone a chance to win!

Plan a Tournament

Let us host and help plan your tournament. We can accommodate groups from 10 to 90 players and can help customize your tournament to match the needs of your group. Our dining room is available for banquets and awards after play. We offer a variety of options for meals before, after or during your tournament. Please see the Tournament Organizers Help List below to get started and give us a call to check availability of dates and times.  We are only a short drive from Salem, Keizer, Woodburn, Wilsonville, and Silverton!


Tournament Organizer Help Guide (PDF)

Download Tournament Contract Here (PDF)

Download Tournament Food Options Here (PDF)


See Open Tournaments above